Business Stress Test


This test will help us understand the current situation of your business and the actions you can take to counter the impact of this crisis period. You have the option to submit your answers so that we can be in touch to can provide you with a second opinion on the approach and actions you can take to overcome your problems. Or you can use the questions as a self-reflection and awareness of what you can do yourself.


This is a comprehensive test where we go down to the actual numbers of the business and plug it into our Cashflow Story software. The software will analyse and produce a 'Scorecard' that can help you identify the key areas you can change in your business to improve your cashflow and the necessary adjustments to survive or thrive. We will help you through the entire process of this test which will take an hour or more.


  • Give you the awareness of the crucial areas in your business that you need to focus on right now.

  • Get a second opinion on the actions you are going to take instead of making a wrong move.

  • Identify the resources you have and need to help you overcome the challenges you are having.


  • Businesses pay thousands of dollars to pay for this software and services to get a plan of action done to overcome a crisis or to grow the business.

  • Develop the 'Power of One' Scorecard to identify some small changes that can create a big impact on your cashflow.


This is not a test anymore. It is when the rubber hits the road to do the work necessary to save the business. Beyond that, to use the opportunity to develop your business to gain the market share when things return to normal. You can use the time to improve your systems and resources that create additional revenue streams. You get a team of three 'Fishermen' - with experience in management accounting (CPA), marketing and executive coaching to assist you.


  • Businesses pay thousands of dollars for this one to one service when you only pay a fraction of that and gain the support you need to survive and thrive.

  • Management accounting support.

  • Work on key activities to improve the business​.

  • Develop your mental strength and performance.

Simply give us a call if you have any questions on the stress test on 0404 796 412

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 situation has hit the business community hard - but it is all bad news for business? 

It depends on the type of business you are in. In times of crisis, the effect of shortages, panic-buying, change of working situations, and financial management can be a weakness for some, but a benefit for others.  

Did you know that the severe toilet paper shortages created an unusual demand for bidets, helping a struggling Australian bidet business from closing down this year due to extraordinary demand and unprecedented sales? 

The most common human reactions to a crisis are stress and responses can be FREEZE, FLIGHT, or FIGHT

Unfortunately, for a business owner, the freeze or flight options, and doing nothing will not be the best for the continuity of the business. 

If you’re taking the third option - the fight response - and seize the opportunity to use these times for long term good; it’s time to rethink and reorganise your business. It’s time to bunker down and look at what you need to do right now and how you need to reposition your business when the market recovers. 

You could look at the current situation as being similar to a raging bushfire; a test to see whether a business is still standing when the flames are extinguished. Maybe it can be a ‘pruning time’ for your business. Time to slow down, to cut back and to reposition the business for growth when the market has made a recovery? It’s time to take control and make plans for the survival of businesses.

It's time to take some positive steps and decide on some actionable strategies for business survival. We’ll help your business to mitigate the impact of the current events and to navigate strategies to tackle these challenging times. 

  • Money management in times of crisis - How you can restructure the cost base of your business.

  • Increasing your market share while others are panicking - Develop highly effective targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Improving systems to gain more time and efficiency - How to automate processes and rollout data-driven decision-making systems.

  • Training to improve business performance - People are your most important asset, make sure you give them the tools to excel in what they do.

  • Establish collaboration with key partners - How you can create effective collaborative partnerships.