Parenting with Emotional Intelligence

Studies consistently show that emotional intelligence is much more important than IQ because it relates directly to happiness and success. Many highly intelligent adults struggle in day-to- day life due to a lack of emotional intelligence.

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence - Grow Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence 1.0

Making an effort to increase your child’s emotional intelligence is one of your most important tasks as a parent.

Does your child excel at school but struggle socially? Building your child’s emotional intelligence is very important. Those with high levels of emotional intelligence perform better, are happier and have more productive lives.

Avoid downplaying this important factor of happiness and success. Parents with better emotional intelligence can enjoy more satisfying careers, build stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

This course can help you Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence by

  • Teaching your child about their emotions by recognising, understanding, labelling, expressing and reframing them - R.U.L.E.R. method.

  • Helping your child respond to stress. Some children cry while others seek solitude. We all have our own ways of dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

  • Helping your child associate certain emotions with their behaviours. This is an effective way of teaching a child self-awareness of their emotional states.

  • Encouraging your child to share their emotions by discussing their emotions with you will allow the emotions to pass. This is healthier than suppressing them especially when they are angry, scared, or nervous.

  • Encouraging problem-solving behaviours when emotions run high. It’s more effective to work on a solution than it is to become more upset.

Be an example of emotional intelligence.

Children learn many of their strategies for dealing with the world by observing their parents. Be an example worthy of imitating. Learn about emotional intelligence today and prepare your child for a bright future.

Learning Outcomes

The training uses interactive activities and skill practice exercises to develop self-awareness and self-management skills. The aim of the lessons and training is to provide you...

  • An understanding of what is EQ and how it is important to your child.

  • On how to manage our expectations and outcomes in life.

  • Ways to make better decisions and problem-solving skills.

  • Understand how our emotional and rational brain works together as one.

  • To understand how our personality comes with strength and interferences that affect our parenting.

  • On how emotional needs can influence a child’s behaviour and actions.

  • Learn how better EQ can improve our communications, relationships and wellbeing.

This training is also ideal for anyone looking to be a better leader, trainer, teacher, business owner, graduate, athlete, etc looking to gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence and how it can impact personal performance and wellbeing. The Training Details:

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