Mind5® Optimal Performance Training

Why Mind5®

As human beings, we’re challenged by interferences such as modern distractions, changes, fixed mindsets, and our reactive behavioural patterns. Over time, these interferences can create stress in our lives, depletes our energy, make us lose focus, and drives us to exhaustion.

Ultimately it affects our ability to perform, achieve our dreams, and prevents us from living up to our full potentials. Perhaps, even more, our mental wellbeing, physical health, and relationships.

The benefits of Mind5® training is our practice-based emotional intelligence program that integrates physical and mental training to create long-lasting self-improvement.

Mind5® uses training that relates to certain emotions that govern our actions. It is also known as experiential learning where we learn through an experience to develop self-awareness to improve our personal performance and wellbeing.Mind5® helps people perform better under pressure using mental and physical training to improving personal leadership and self-awareness.

Mind5® wants to create a new standard in coaching, training and leadership to help people around the world find their optimum level of performance.

Our mission is to change the world by bringing greater emotional intelligence into modern life.

Participants gain insight into their behavioural patterns through physical training to learn how they influence their mental and physical well-being.

The Mind5® METHOD©

M = Manage Stress, Pressure and Crisis Situations

E = Energy Management

T = Teamwork

H = Hold Focus

O = Optimal Performance

D = Development & Reflection

The Mind5® METHOD© is based on results from practice. The method is supported by theories from various scientific disciplines, such as sports and social psychology, sociology, neuroscience, leadership studies, movement science and sports coaching.

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century, according to the World Health Organisation. We live in a culture where performance, competition, uncertainty and fear prevail.

We believe that people can achieve optimum performance when they can use their unique talents in a safe working environment, they work together effectively and purposefully without distraction.

Mind5® is a no-nonsense self-awareness and self-management training in which mental and sports training are combined to simulate stress, pressure and crisis situations.

Mind5® Learning Outcomes

During our workshops, team training, business games, custom games and courses we help our clients with the following challenges:

  • Deal better with stress, pressure and crisis situations and to perform under pressure

  • Increase their energy and optimum performance level

  • Improve goal-setting skills, focus, assertiveness, and prioritisation

  • To think creatively, analytically and strategically and to act under (time) pressure

  • Better collaboration in a team

  • Provide insight into behavioural patterns (under pressure) and improve self-awareness and personal leadership

  • Provide insight into behavioural patterns within teams and other social environments

  • Improve their leadership skills

During the reflection, the participants learn to observe and analyse their own behaviour with the aim of improving their self-awareness, energy and personal leadership.

Photos by Mind5® Head Office Netherlands

Other Information to learn more about Emotional Intelligence:

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