LifeSkills EQ Course

“It’s a scientific fact that emotions precede thought. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function…diminishing our cognitive abilities, decision-making powers, and even interpersonal skills. Understanding and managing our emotions helps us to be more successful in both our personal and professional lives.”

According to The Institute for Health and Human Potential.

Lifeskills Training

The Life Skills course is designed to help you to understand why you think, feel, and do things in a certain way...then better yourself.

This course gets right to the heart of Emotional Intelligence, explains the tools and strategies to gain better self-awareness and self-management, this, in turn, will give you better insight and control over emotions and actions.

With a greater understanding of emotions, you can experience a positive impact on your personal and professional lives.

You will find a framework that is extremely adept at helping to not only improve your life but also the people around you. You will also find that improving levels of Emotional Intelligence can help with conditions such as : stress, anger, frustration, exhaustion and much more!

For business, EQ skills development can bring greater productivity, increased sales, improve customer relationships and reduce staff turnover.

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What is EQ?

Feeling burned out, emotionally drained, or mentally exhausted? Or overwhelmed sometimes?

According to research, most people don’t get tired from work itself, it is the negative emotions that can sap our energy, leaving us feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical, and resentful.

Our emotions can influence how we feel and how we react to any situation on a daily basis. Having a better level of Emotional Intelligence (EI or commonly known as EQ) enables us to recognise and manage our behaviours and impulses in a positive way.

Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence can be learned. We can learn to understand how emotions can affect us, causing us over-react or over-compensate when things don’t go as planned.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is recognised by the latest research as the single most important skill that enables us to be productive, positive and constructive. It is also an essential life skill for any leaders, business owners, parents and anyone really.

Learning Outcomes

The training uses interactive activities and skill practice to develop self-awareness and self-management skills.

EQ lessons include..

  • What is EQ and how it is important to you.

  • Learn how to manage expectations and outcomes in life with better EQ.

  • Learn to make better decisions and problem-solving skills with better EQ.

  • Understand how our emotional and rational brain works together as one.

  • Learn how our personality comes with strength and interferences that affect our performance.

  • Understand how our emotional needs can influence our behaviour and actions.

  • Learn how better EQ can improve communications and relationships.

This training is also ideal for anyone looking to become a better leader, trainer, teacher, parent, business owner, graduate, athlete, by gaining a better understanding of emotional intelligence and how it can impact personal performance and wellbeing.

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