If you are losing your audience’s attention while presenting – give this a go.

You look around the room and you notice that some of your audience are looking at their phone, watch, the ceiling – anywhere but being focused on you - the speaker! Try a few different approaches to get people’s attention back on you.

  • Walk around the room or stage. If you are unpredictable the audience will keep their eyes on you to see what you do.

  • Pause when speaking and use inflection in your voice. There is nothing more sleep inducing than a boring monotone presenter so raise and lower your voice and use inflection to drive your point home.

  • Speak faster or slower. When you change speeds, people take note: Moving from a slow vocal delivery to a fast, punchy one will keep people focused on your speech. Works well when slowly describing a problem and then deliberately increasing speed to a punchy delivery of the solution.

  • Storytelling. Relate the topic of your presentation to a real world example as this will help the audience to understand it’s application.