How Your Inquisitive Side Can Help You Kick Your Bad Habits Into Touch

Why is it hard to stop your bad habits? Because there are three components:

A cue – ie Feeling stressed.

A behaviour – ie Taking to social media.

The reward – ie Feeling satisfied.

Every time you reinforce the reward you are more likely to carry on repeating the behaviour. Becoming more aware of the reward that drives your behaviour is key to breaking the habit.

Firstly, establish what your cues are. If procrastination is a habit, examine the thoughts, feelings and circumstances present when you keep putting things off. Do you have too much work to do? Do you have a big piece of work that you are avoiding?

Next, identify what behaviours you exhibit when you procrastinate. Turning to social media for a quick dopamine hit instead of taking action? Completing unimportant tasks rather than the ones that will propel the business forward?

Lastly, action needs to be clearly linked to outcomes. Ask yourself what you get from looking at videos and photos of cute kittens and puppies – Is it rewarding once you know that its not helping you get your work done?

By replacing the reward with your inquisitiveness you will be aware of the sensations that you are feeling - groundhog day, boredom – without acting on them.