Growth Navigation Program (GNP) 

The Ideas Behind GNP Businesses face a range of challenges today. Conditions change continually creating different problems and opportunities that require us to rethink how we manage our business - what worked a year ago might not be the best approach today.

So, what you need to survive and thrive? Recognising and overcoming the common pitfalls associated with growth is crucial if your business is to continue to grow and thrive. More importantly, you need to ensure that the steps you take today are sustainable and don’t create additional problems for the business in the future. The Fishermen has researched and developed a 13 part Growth Navigation Program (GNP) to help businesses create sustainable growth in their business.

This program enables you to work on your business consistently in a boardroom environment every month focusing on..

  • Key areas and indicators in the business that drives the business to grow and improve profits.

  • Diversifying or innovating products or services to create additional income streams.

  • Prioritising important and consistent actions that move the business forward.

The speed of economic and technological changes make navigating a business is challenging these days. The right path yesterday may not work today and could be a disaster by tomorrow. Being able to adapt to change is what separates businesses who excel from those that are closing the doors.

The aim of GNP is to help businesses to adopt some fundamental systems, discipline, skills and clarity needed to grow their business.

This program enable business owners to work on their business consistently and effectively a ‘boardroom’ environment on a monthly basis.

The desired outcomes from this program is to help business to... BUILD ROBUSTNESS – in the business to weather the storm. BUILD RESILIENCE – in the business adapt to the changing business environments. BUILD AGILITY – in the business to be proactive and relevant changing market needs.

Our 13 Parts GNP System focus on...

  • The Endgame - Redefine the business owners’ fundamental needs of being in business and identify the true business goals.

  • The Market - by diving deep to understand the changing market needs to develop products and services to gain a competitive advantage. Developing better ways to reach out, acquire and retain customers and maintain market share.

  • The Key Areas - protect the key resources (eg. people) and identify the key activities that will achieve the desire outcomes and wellbeing for the business and the people working in it.

  • The Numbers - Learn the number, use key metrics and data to guide the business decision and spending. To manage costs effectively, improve or develop new revenue streams.

GNP is ideal for businesses looking to...

  • Have the accountability to work on the business consistently, effectively and zero in on key activities that grow the business in a sustainable way while minimising risks.

  • Improve market knowledge and needs to develop a competitive advantage for the business.

  • Formulate marketing techniques to reach the target market, acquire and retain customers.

  • Create new income streams or improve current ones to adapt to market demands.

  • Use on key metrics to make better decisions and actions to move towards business goals.

  • Improve the management of time, people and finance for the wellbeing of the business.

It’s time to make a difference in your business.

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