Direction is so much more important than your speed.

At times of uncertainty, ONE THING that is running through a lot of business owners' minds, is ‘HOW DO I KEEP MY BUSINESS AFLOAT?’, and most often this relates back to the cash flow of the business.

Does the business have POSITIVE CASH FLOW to sustain itself and if the answer is YES, how long can the business survive before the cash eventually runs out? If NO, what contingency plans does the business have in place to minimise the risk?

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Use the test to gain awareness to plan your next course of action and, if you are ready to take it a step further, have a
free 15-minute discussion with speak to one of ‘The Fishermen’ to explore new key activities to navigate through around these challenging and uncertain times. Doing SOMETHING is always better than doing NOTHING, the CHOICE is yours.

About The Fishermen

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

Hence, the business name 'The Fishermen' - we help businesses sustainable growth and improve people's performance at the same time. We do believe that business growth and profit shouldn't come at the expense of personal wellbeing for everyone involved. 

With that in mind, we focus on providing business improvement strategies and peoples' performance training.

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How We Help

Growth Navigation Program 

This is a boardroom program for like-minded business owners to work collectively to learn, plan and develop strategies to grow their business.

It is a great opportunity for business owners to step aside from their 'busyness' and focus on in the areas of their business that really make a difference to their bottom line.

The program is a 13 parts guided ‘navigation’ system to help businesses grow in a sustainable way. 


Join one of our up and coming sessions to network with other like-minded business owners.


Mind5® Training

Mind5® training helps people perform better using mental and physical training to improve personal leadership and self-awareness.

This is a new standard in coaching, learning and training to help people find their optimum level of performance and gain insight into their behavioural patterns working under pressure.  Through this training, we help people understand how stress influences their mental and physical well-being.

Our mission is to change the world by bringing greater emotional intelligence into modern life.


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The kind words...


Darren Hart

Why I joined the Growth Navigation Program? Well in my case I have been in business since August 1999…

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Pam Stannard

I am pleased to be participating it is giving me some insights as well as information.  The structure of the lessons has the right…


Greg Maguire

I have been asked to write many testimonials over the years and you always find that you are asked to write "good things" about the…


Linda Pattullo

…So I knew what ever they have to offer it’s going to be good. They are very inspiring, professional, when it comes to business and…


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The Execution Part

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A growth mindset is a good start but only solid execution can grow your business. 

While learning is easy the execution of a plan can be the most challenging part for business owners.

Entrepô is a team of marketing specialists pulled together to assist business owners in the Growth Navigation Program to plan their approach, develop marketing content and execute the marketing strategies to grow their business.

Entrepô consists of a marketing strategist, copywriter, web and graphic designer, social media manager and Ad campaign manager. 

The team deliverables and performance are independently measured by the Fishermen to ensure a fair outcome for both our clients and the Entrepô team.

If you don't have an in-house team in your business, Entrepô can be your marketing team.


Curious about how Entrepô can help you build your business?  Get in touch with us.