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This is a ground-breaking business growth program formulated for business owners who want to improve their profitability. With the guidance of The Fishermen, you’ll work through an integrative 13-part system, the Growth Navigation Program, with a collective of like-minded business operators who are determined to grow their business by taking action. 

The innovative Growth Navigation Program - a 13-part guided ‘navigation’ system - allows business owners to take some time aside from their 'busyness' and to grow in a sustainable way.​ 

The boardroom-style program is like nothing else available for business owners today as it allows you to learn, develop, and plan strategies specific to your current business operating conditions.

As we are all too aware, businesses today face challenging times. Business conditions are continually changing; and sometimes very rapidly, creating problems and opportunities that require you to make changes within your operating environment - what worked a year ago might not be the best approach now. 

The GNP program focuses on the areas of business that really make a difference to the bottom line. 

Each month you will meet with your group in a boardroom-style learning environment. 

Key aspects of the program include;

  • Diversifying or innovating your business to develop additional income streams.

  • Prioritising a few important actions that lead toward progress for the business.

  • Identifying the critical areas in the business and that you need to work on consistently to grow and improve return.

  • Our program members walk away from each session with renewed vigour and energy for their business. What better way to enjoy your business ownership journey than to learn the most important actions you can take to see growth and continued progress and returns. 

It’s time to make a difference in your business. 

Come and join a complimentary session with us. You can use this opportunity to see whether the program is right for you before you commit.

Use the promo code GNP2020 for your first time attending the program.  - It's on us - No obligations.

We look forward to meeting you.

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