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Welcome to Day 4 Challenge!

Your Business Culture

Day 4 Challenge  
Today we examine the culture of your business.
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Every business has a culture, and no two are exactly alike. Even the smallest business has one. A healthy culture retains employees, while toxic cultures drive employees away.

The question is whether your business culture is one you’ve intentionally created or one that has simply evolved on its own. Don’t let today go by without examining the robustness of your business culture.

You may remember that on Day 1 we said: “Your values are on display in your mission.” Those values underpin the culture too and are what employees should experience day-to-day.

It’s essential for each individual to feel cared for and be recognised for the unique place they fill. “We’re in this together” should permeate the culture.

If you’re going to achieve your mission along and stay true to your brand, you need to maintain a culture that inspires people to trust you and want to work with you.


  • Answer these questions in detail.

  • Where possible, put the same questions to an outside party. Their feedback helps you to see what is most important to them from their perspectives.

You have completed your challenge today. Well done!

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