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Business Intelligence Group (B.I.G.)

A group of business masterminds working together to improve and grow their business in the new financial. We are starting soon in...

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Why B.I.G.? 

As an entrepreneur, we started our business for a reason and with a passion. It can be easy to forget why we go into business in the first place, losing focus and forget our mission. 


When times are tough, we can stray off course and make rash decisions. 


Entrepreneurship might be exciting, but it is often difficult and requires personal risk and sacrifice on the part of the business person.  


Growing a business takes time and patience. When we lack the crucial information to make the right decisions it can be detrimental to the business in the long run.

The purpose of developing the Business Intelligence Group is to help you stay on course and on track.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with fresh clarity and motivation to be part of this group.

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Key Benefits of B.I.G 

  1. Business Navigation Program - This program enables you to work on your business consistently in a boardroom environment every month focusing on your endgame, developing your market, and work on the key areas and the numbers that drive your business.

  2. Referral Partnership - it is a business 'buddy' partnership system where 2 or more business owners are guided to collaborate on ideas and opportunities to develop referrals for mutual benefits.

  3. Business 'Clinic' - the members of the group will be able to consult one or more business 'practitioners', coaches or trainers with specific expertise to help them overcome certain issues and challenges in their business. For example, related to finance, KPIs, people performance, strategic thinking, accountability, etc.

  4. Business Retreats - this is a 'time out' retreat designed to enhance your business, leadership and wellbeing. Every few months you will take time away to clear your head, learn, reflect and work with business leaders facing the same challenges.

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