OptimisING Potential

Powering Personal Growth
& Business Performance

The Business & It's People

BOth Are Important

All business is people business. We believe that every business and person has the potential to consistently achieve high performance. Also, business profit is important but it shouldn't come at the expense of people's wellbeing. With that in mind, our focus is to provide sustainable business growth programs and personal development training for individuals.

THe 'Fishermen'

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

Hence, the business name 'The Fishermen' - we aim to provide clarity, direction and methodology to business and people's performance at the same time. 


Businesses face a range of challenges today. Conditions change continually creating different problems and opportunities that require us to rethink how we manage our business.

Our aim is to help businesses to learn fundamental systems, acquire the skills and clarity needed to grow their business. 

Our trainers have unique skills, talents, and programs to help business owners consistently develop their business effectively and avoid common pitfalls to create sustainable growth in their business.


As human beings, we’re challenged by interferences such as distractions, changes, fixed mindsets, and reactive behavioural patterns. Over time, these interferences can deplete our energy, create stress, and make us lose focus.

Our personal development trainers and their programs are geared towards helping individuals and organisations overcome these interferences and enhance their ability to perform, to achieve dreams, and allow them to live up to their full potential.

"I am pleased to be participating it is giving me some insights as well as information.  The structure of the lessons has the right balance of presentation, feedback, and time to work on a task while the trainers are still there to answer questions. This is the first time I have done a business program that addresses emotional, physical and spiritual needs. This is refreshing.  I have got the most benefit so far from the lessons on acquisition channels and customer retention. This has made me aware of not just resting on our laurels and instead of being more proactive in the current business climate. I like the way that everything presented is backed up by sound research and personal experience. I think that participants like to feel that the presenters are also on the same journey and you have put that across really well..” Pam Stannard